Customer Comments

" We pumped and placed concrete 42 floors high with no problems.  The majority of the concrete was placed during cold weather onto heated decks.  As far as we know, delamination has not occurred or any of the other negatives that we have experienced in the past with other (lightweight aggregate) products.




We placed over a million square feet of Stalite lightweight aggregate at the Queen City Tower project having great workability and performance.  On any future projects we will recommend your product. Thanks for helping us with great material."

Jim Pickup
Baker Concrete Construction Company 
Monroe, OH

“Using lightweight aggregate concrete on mid-rise steel frame structures is very cost effective for several reasons. It reduces the overall weight of the structure because the slabs are thinner, but still meets the specific Underwrites Laboratories fire rating.




And if you reduce the weight of the concrete, then it requires less steel to support the structure-further savings. In many cases using lightweight concrete eliminates the need to spray fireproofing under steel decks, which would be an additional expense. Overall, lightweight aggregae concrete can me ‘heavy’ savings.”

James M. Stephenson, PE
Structural Design Group
Nashville, TN

“The lightweight aggregate supplied by Stalite is a single sized 5/16” chip that is dark gray in color, which provides the appearance of a hot mix asphalt road that is pleasing to the public. The number of cracked windshields has been reduced due to the lighter weight chips (approximately half the weight of crushed granite) resulting in fewer complaints and damage claims. It also seems to provide a quieter ride than most bituminous treatments due in part to the porosity of the material. We could not be more pleased with the results we have obtained. We will definitely continue to use lightweight aggregate in future chip seal applications.”

Jim Feda
Director of Maintenance

“After 20 plus years of designing mid-rise steel structures, lightweight aggregate concrete is still the preferred floor system. Millions of square feet and hundreds of projects have proven this to be the right choice for the job. Long term durability and owner-satisfied performance is critical in maintaining clients. Recent trends for long floor spans have once again pushed lightweight concrete to the forefront as it allows the minimal depth of structure, yet still provides damping resistance to minimize vibration. Lightweight concrete still means ‘heavy savings,’ but it also means long term dependability.”

Michael E. Corrin, PE
Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd.
Nashville, TN

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