STALITE...the best lightweight aggregate in the world

Through our technical data, test reports, and project reports we provide testimony to the high performance, high strength, durability and low absorption of Stalite expanded slate lightweight aggregate. 




The quality of our lightweight aggregate combined with the technical support available from our experienced team of sales representatives and engineers have made Stalite the most trusted name in the industry.

STALITE…offers the Highest Quality

We have the most extensive Quality Control Program in the industry. 
          We conduct 1,335 Quality Control tests on a weekly basis.
          Our product is consistent.

 STALITE…offers the Highest Performance

          Physical Characteristics of Expanded Slate Aggregate 
          Engineering Properties of Structural Lightweight Concrete
          Optimized Gradation for 3/4 Inch
          High Internal Angle of Friction

STALITE…offers the Highest Strength

          High Compressive Strengths
          High Early Strength
          High Modulus of Elasticity
          High Splitting Tensile Strengths

STALITE…offers the Highest Durability

          Long Service Life 
          Excellent Freeze Thaw Resistance
          Improved Chloride Resistance
          High Abrasion Resistance
          Outstanding Aggregate Soundness
          Enhanced Properties from "Elastic Matching
          Reduced Alkali-Silica Reactivity

STALITE…has Low Absorption
The low absorption of Stalite Lightweight Aggregate Concrete allows for easy pumping of concrete with no segregation and excellent cohesiveness. 

          Easier Moisture Conditioning
          Moisture Dynamics of Lightweight Aggregate
          Easier Pumpability
          Reduced Slump Loss

STALITE Reports-Data

          Test Reports


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