Carolina Stalite Company enjoys the advantages of a central east coast location. This beneficial geographic position provides quick and easy access to highways and rail lines serving the United States and Canada, and opens overseas markets to us through nearby ports.

Stalite has strategically placed distribution terminals throughout the eastern seaboard, as well as, access terminals throughout the country. These distribution terminals are centrally located to reach as many customers as possible. Several of these terminals provide Stalite facilities for the loading of both barges and ships.

Stalite has a full-time transportation staff available to assist customers with their orders, coordinate transportation/distribution services and help you analyze your transportation requirements and options. Carolina Stalite negotiates all of its transportation services with independent transportation providers and passes these negotiated rates directly through to our customers.

Stalite’s shipping facilities are designed for versatility, efficiency and high capacity to ensure our customers order requirements are delivered to their satisfaction. Stalite’s automated order processing system allows for seamless information flow from the customer, to the plant/distribution terminal, to the carrier and through to the invoicing process. Stalite’s system maintains comprehensive records on all our customers’ orders and ensures your information is available for future reference.

Stalite’s shipping department, in conjunction with our quality control program, has developed very strict procedures to ensure that the quality of our lightweight aggregate is delivered to the customer’s exact specifications.


  • Trucks and railcars are inspected for cleanliness before the loading of materials. 
  • Washout facilities are available for both trucks and railcars to confirm cleanliness.
  • Loader operators are thoroughly trained instockpilemanagement and loading
    procedures that minimize segregation and maintain uniform gradations.
  • All shipments are verified using certified truck scales, belt scales and/or loader scales.
  • QC personnel are available, upon request, for compliance verification.


Stalite’s transportation and distribution professionals have built a high performance system and network that is designed to help our customers reduce shipping costs and improve availability. Wherever your project is located, Stalite high performance lightweight aggregate will arrive on time and within specification.




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