Quality Control

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most consistent material possible to our customers.

To ensure that we accomplish this goal, we perform the following Quality Control tests on our raw material and aggregate in our labs at our Gold Hill and Aquadale production facilities each week:

50 raw material gradation tests
85 finished product QC gradation, density and moisture content tests
100 production QC gradation and density tests
60 finished product QC relative density tests
200 production QC relative density tests
840 production QC density analysis tests

1,335 Total number of QC tests performed each week

We also perform a number of other tests on our aggregate to demonstrate compliance with specifications. Results for these tests can be found at the following link: Test Reports

Play for a video describing our quality control process

Consistency of Material Properties
We have statistically analyzed our relative density and gradation test results since 2003 for each size of coarse aggregate that we produce. The results, which clearly demonstrate the success of our commitment to quality and consistency, can be viewed for the relative density, density and moisture content for each of our three major coarse aggregate sizes using the links below.


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