NCDOT Division 11
Wilkes County, NC

Location: North Wilkesboro, NC

Contractor: North Carolina Department of Transportation

Surface cracks in asphalt can lead to serious structural damage if not sealed against the intrusion of moisture. There are several ways to seal surface cracking. A think layer of hot mix asphalt can be applied, or liquid asphalt can be used to fill the cracks. The first option is relatively expensive and liquid asphalt is messy and leaves slick areas. Skin patching is a variation of bituminous surface treatment (BST) where the BST is placed only over the cracked areas, usually in the wheel paths. The drawbacks to skin patchin are that loose aggregate can cause vehicle damage, and high traffic leads to loss of the covering aggregate. Using STALITE however, eliminates these problems. STALITE, because of its rough surface texture, forms a strong bond with asphalt emulsion, and because STALITE is very light, if there are loose particles they will not damage vehicles. By strategically skin patching with STALITE ligthweight aggregate the road is sealed economically and neatly. It is a testament to the high strength of STALITE that NCDOT engineers in North Wilkesboro, NC can place STALITE in very high traffic applications, such as NC Highway 421, which has an average daily traffic (ADT) count of 14,000 vehicles.

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