Strawberry Mansion Bridge
Philadelphia, PA

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Contractor: IA Construction Corp.

Owner: County of Philadelphia

Concrete Supplier: Wagman Latex Concrete Division

The Strawberry Mansion Bridge crosses the Schuylkill River to join North Philadelphia with the historic Fairmont Park area. It was rehabilitated in October of 1998 using a galvanized steel flooring system infilled with lightweight latex modified concrete. This is the first full-depth lightweight latex modified concrete application to employ STALITE lightweight aggregate. Micro cracking at the aggregate-paste interface is reduced because lightweight coarse aggregate particles have a modulus of elasticity similar to that of hardened cement paste. This “elastic matching” property in lightweight concrete enhanced durability. The dramatic reduction in chloride permeability of latex modified concrete, as well as its other durability enhancing properties, is firmly established. The combination of latex modified concrete with high performance lightweight aggregate offers a strategy for enhanced durability which promises great strength.

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