Bituminous Surface Treatment / Asphalt Applications

  • Tough and durable
  • High skid resistance
  • Low absorption
  • Consistent, controlled gradations
  • Economical to transport and place

 In combination with asphalt, STALITE creates safer, longer-wearing road surfaces. The lower unit weight of STALITE affords significant productivity and cost advantages. Compared to heavyweight aggregates, STALITE yields more surface coverage per ton. Considerable savings in transportation and placement cost are achieved by safely filling trucks and paving equipment to capacity without exceeding weight limits. STALITE is non-polishing. As the aggregate surface wears, a new rough surface is exposed, maintaining the superior skid resistance characteristic of STALITE, and minimizing the incidence of hydroplaning. Less road maintenance is required because STALITE provides a superior bond with both asphalt and traffic paint. Unlike heavyweight, fragments present a dramatically reduced hazard to the windshields and painted surfaces of automobiles.

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