Masonry Applications

  • High structural strength
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent, controlled size gradation
  • Dependable performance
  • High productivity

Masonry units made with STALITE are significantly lighter and easier to install. Compared to heavyweight units of the same size, weight reductions of up to 30% can be achieved. Unlike aggregates made from byproducts and waste, STALITE masonry materials are pure and produced under carefully controlled conditions to assure performance. In addition, the superior strength of STALITE particles make a significant contribution to the overall dimensional stability, reduced shrinkage and toughness of masonry walls. As a result, lighter yet stronger masonry walls can be built in less time. Masonry units of STALITE provide high sound absorption, high insulation values and fire ratings, and create single wythe loadbearing walls that are finished on both sides. These properties increase the value of the investment and extend the life and utility of the structure.

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  Physical Properties
Maximum Concrete Density (Oven Dry): 1500 kg/m3 (93.6 lbs/ft3)
Minimum Compressive Strength: 17 Mpa (2500 psi) Net Area Strength
Maximum SmartWall Unit Weight:


Not to Exceed

4x8x16* 8.0 kg (18 lbs)
6x8x16* 10.5 kg (23 lbs)
8x8x16* 11.5 kg (26 lbs)
10x8x16* 14.5 kg (33 lbs)
12x8x16* 15.5 kg (35 lbs)
8x8x16* 17 kg (38 lbs)

 (The dry unit weight of the CMU shall be determined by the methods shown in ASTM C-140 Test Method for Concrete Masonry Units.)

Shrinkage: .050% maximum per ASTM C-426
Absorption: 15 lbs/ft3 (maximum)
Qulity Assurance: Compliance with this specification shall be assured with testing in accordance with ASTM C-140. The CMU manufacturer shall certify that the CMU provided meet the specifications.


  • Fire:
    2-hour minimum rating for 8" walls.
    3 and 4-hour ratings available. 
  • Insulation:
    Values based on National Concrete
    Masonry Association TEK6-2A
  • ASTM Standards:
    Must meet or exceed all pertinent standards.

SmartWall High Performance Concrete Masonry Units are manufactured using high performance expanded slate aggregate. This material is manufactured by firing slate stone in a rotary kiln at temperatures near 2000 Fahrenheit, causing the stone to expand. This expansion leaves the stone with numerous, tiny unconnected air cells that form a light yet quite strong material. The material is then crushed and graded to produce an optimum grading for the manufacture of SmartWall HPCMU's. No blending of sand, waste products or any deleterious material is permitted.

Uniform texture with sharp corners are the result of the low-weight/high-strength properties of these units. These same properties provide less chippage and more aesthetically pleasing units. Special shapes, split-faced and scored units are easily manufactured using this same process.

Applicable Standards
SmartWall HPCMU's exceed the requirements of ASTM C-90, Standard Specifications for Load Bearing Concrete Masonry Units, and ASTM C-129, Standard Specification for Non-Load Bearing Concrete Masonry Units. The expanded slate aggregate used in SmartWall HPCMU's meets the requirements of ASTM C-331, Lightweight Aggregate for Concrete Masonry Units, and ASTM C-332, Lightweight Aggregate for Insulating Concrete. SmartWall HPCMU's produced under this program will meet or exceed the requirements of SmartWall, which are more stringent than the normal ASTM specifications.

Technical Data
SmartWall HPCMU's shall provide the following:

  • Strength: A minimum net compressive strength of 2500 psi when tested in accordance with ASTM C-140 at 28 days from time of manufacture.
  • Weight: Unit field weight shall not exceed the weights shown in the "Physical Properties" section. The weight per cubic foot of STALITE's SmartWall HPCMU's shall not exceed 1500 kg/m3 (93.6 lbs/ft3).
  • Thermal Properties: Due to the reduced weight of the SmartWall units and the porous nature of the aggregate, the thermal transmittance through the units is lowered. Reduced thermal conductivity of the concrete lowers the "U" value of the SmartWall HPCMU.


R- Values For SmartWall 1

Exposed Both

Filled With

6" 2.3 4.7
8" 2.4 6.2
10" 2.5 7.3
12" 2.6 9.0

(1) R-Values are mid-range

Fire Rating: The equivalent thickness for fire ratings of two, three and four hours.


Fire Resistance Rating Period

Minimum Required Equivalent Thickness of Concrete Assemblies




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