Structural Applications

In structural concrete, STALITE is proven to be as good as or better than any normal weight aggregate. The unique nature of STALITE's slate raw material combined with the excellence achieved in its production process, results in an extremely high performance lightweight aggregate capable of producing very high strength at low concrete unit weights ( up to 30% less than normal weight concrete). Low absorption of approximately 6% and high particle strength are two of the factors that allow STALITE to achieve high-strength concrete in excess of 12,000 psi (82.7MPa). STALITE's features of strength, durability and toughness have been tested in buildings, bridges and marine structures for almost half a century. The superior bond and compatibility of STALITE with cement paste reduces microcracking and enhances durability. Because of its low absorption, STALITE concretes are easy to mix and to pump over long distances and to higher elevations. Since high strength can be achieved at different unit weight levels, it is particularly suited for both cast-in-place and precast operations.

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