Stormwater Research
Stalite / NCSU / UNCC 

Horticulture Bioretention Research Study
Evaluating Plant Nutirent Uptake

North Carolina State University

Twelve Cells
Woody & Herbaceous Plants

Three Types of Media
Proprietary Soil Mix

Air Spade Excavating Roots

Rebecca Pledger,
Graduate Student at NCSU
in the Department of Horticulture
holds the roots of a Pancium plant


 Pollutant Removal Capacity
with Simulated Stormwater
University of North Carolina at Charlotte



Emily Chien, a Civil and Environmental
Graduate Student at UNCC runs
Small Column Tests during Phase 1

The cumulative removal
was 2.42 mg as compared to an
inflow cumulative mass of 4.18 mg

overall removal of 58%

Emily Chien with Dr. Jy S. Wu
running column tests during Phase II
(currently in progress)








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