Our Vision


  • To manufacture and deliver the finest High Performance Lightweight Aggregate
  • To provide state-of-the-art technical assistance
  • To work tirelessly to assure that our customers are satisfied


At STALITE, the only thing stronger than our product is our dedication.


As a quality-driven company, we know the value of listening to our customers, our employees and our community. Their observations and suggestions are factored into who we are and what we produce. We have earned their trust and feel a strong sense of responsibility to keep it. Stalite’s customers know that they can depend on the quality of our product and our technical services. Our employees can count on the company to provide safe, stable working condtions around which they can plan for the future. Our high ethical standards and long record of socially and environmentally responsible policies allow us to function as a positive influence in the community at large.

In view of the global trend toward rebuilding the world’s infrastructure, the demand for high performance lightweight aggregate is growing. The rugged durability and outstanding performance record of Stalite Lightweight Slate Aggregate make it the clear choice for meeting or exceeding the design and engineering parameters for buildings, bridges, highways and horticultural applications around the world.

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